Elite Pro Vertical 308nm Excimer UV-light System




Elite Pro is a 308 excimer UV-light system for treating Vitiligo, Psoriasis and dermatitis, which used the XeCl molecule to produce light. It’s main purpose is to induce T-cell apoptosis, while improving the pigment synthesis. Overall, this is considered to be the gold standard in treating such skin conditions. Treatment procedures are short but highly effective and a relatively short course is enough to provide rapid improvements in the patient’s condition, while there being less adverse reactions.

The Elite pro has very low maintenance requirements and is a very reliable and durable system. It offers versatility to the operator, while having an intuitive and easy to operate interface. No consumables are required for proper operation.

Note that the system is also available in a handheld version - the Elite Mini.

How it works:

Elite Pro uses a 308nm excimer UV-light, which is a technology based on XeCl. In essence, when put under the influence of an electrical field, the Xenon and Chlorine atoms form an unstable bond, as the Xe atom transfers an electron to the Cl, in the process of which light is emitted.

Additional information

Light source

XeCl excimer light



Energy density


Limit power density


Energy instability


Light spot energy irregularity


Light spot

25.62cm2 (4.2cm x 6.1cm)

High-energy spotlight

Spotlight lampshade: 0.8cm2 (Ф10)

Single irradiation time



10.4 inch touch screen




555mm x 370mm x 1240mm