Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy of our website –

What Data is Collected and Why

Order, email and contact form data

When communicating with you, we need a base minimum of personal information which would make communication between us and you possible. Generally, such information includes your name, email address and phone number. Depending on the case, we might need to enquire further details from you, such as your location, in regard to delivery or VAT application, or company information, if you’re making the purchase on behalf of a company or other entity.

When you make an order, we will require you to provide your full name, phone number, billing and delivery address, email address and company and VAT information if the last two are applicable.

Any information we collect through your contact form, email correspondence with you or orders submitted in your system is completely confidential and only accessible to us. All data we collect and would possibly require from you to provide, is necessary only in regard to providing the best possible service and the most accurate information. Such usage might include calculating of shipping and delivery expenses, shipping time, applicable VAT rates and others.


Cookies are small, temporary files stored in the browser of the user of our website which contain certain information collected during the browsing experience. The normal operation of our website is impossible without the utilization of cookies.

Data collected and retained is needed for the process of registration, using the website in a normal manned, adding products to the basket, completing an order, processing an order by us and other base site functionality.

These are the so-called “session cookies” which are normally deleted when you close your browser. An exception is the cookie information, when you used the option to have our system keep you logged in. In such case, the cookie will be retained in your browser for the duration of two weeks or until you log out of the our website or clear your cookies.

Session cookies are an inevitable part of the shopping experience and disabling them would render the whole shopping system of our website unusable. No personal data beyond the immediate browsing and shopping actions you undertake is collected or retained by the session cookies.

Embedded Content

Certain pages on this website might have the so-called “embedded” content. Such content will have behavior which is identical to visiting the website it has been embedded from. Embedded content on is mostly limited to videos.

Note that the websites that the content has been embedded from may utilize either third party cookies or other form of tracking of user activity, which generally includes your interaction of the embedded content.

Cookies from third parties

An option to pay on our website is the credit and debit card processing service we are using, which enables our customers to make a direct payment using their card. Such checkout services require the usage of cookies to safely and accurately process the payment of the customers. No information which is collected and temporarily retained in such cookie is accessible to either us, or third parties outside of the checkout service provider and your card information is completely protected.

A cookie will be used to remember your choice for accepting of our website using cookies and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tracking

The service we use to analyze our website and customer behavior is Google Analytics. Upon your first visit to out website you will re prompted to choose if you wish to have Google Analytics remain enabled. If you turn tracking off, no data about your browsing experience on our website will be collected. If you accept to have Google Analytics remain on, it will collect only information about your interaction with our website including (but not limited to) – web page visits, web page interaction, exit page, clicks on certain elements from the website and others. No actual personal information about you is collected or retained and no information collected about your browsing experience will be available to others than us and the Google Analytics service.

All data collected with Google Analytics is confidential and will never be sold or provided to third parties. You client IP address will have the last digits anonymized, making tracking your exact location impossible for either us or Google Analytics.

We have Remarketing and Advertising Reporting features enabled in Google Analytics. This allows for personalized Google ads to be shown to you, using the cookie in your browser. However, no personal information about you will be collected or be able to be connected to your person. If you wish to stop the tracking you can delete the cookies in your browser. If you wish to permanently stop Google tracking, you can use their official plugin.

Sharing of User Data

Your data is completely safe and protected. The data of yours which is handled by a third party is the browsing data collected for marketing analysis via Google Analytics, but such includes only browsing experience and no actual personal data, and will not be available to third parties or outside the specific service provided by Google.

The other type of data handled by a third party is the information you submit when checking out with a credit or debit card. It is only accessible by the checkout service provider, but not us or any third parties.

In either case, your personal and browsing data are completely safe with a guarantee to not be provided or accessed by other third parties.

How Long Is Personal Data Kept

The normal period for storing customer personal data on our website is 5 years. The GDPR gives people the right to request us to provide all the personal data we have collected from them. EU law allows the customers to also request the full deletions of any personal data of theirs that we hold even before the 5 year period has passed. Data kept beyond the 5th year is of customers and orders with unresolved issues and other pending cases.

Rights of the Customers over Their Data

European law and the GDPR, in particular, give customers and site users complete control over their personal information. You have the right to  submit a request for us to provide or delete your personal data.

To make a request for receiving your data or having it deleted – please contact us at If your request is to receive your full personal data, we will email you an export of the data we have stored in our system. Please not that this will only include data submitted on our website and not direct email correspondence you have had with is.

Company Contact Information

Georock Desing LTD
Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy 20
9160 Devnya, Bulgaria

Tel: +1 201 366 6420 – USA
Tel: +44 560 372 8671 – UK
Tel: +40 312 295 414 – RO

Additional Information

Data protection procedures

Access to your personal data, outside of the mentioned above checkout service and Google Analytics, is only accessible and operated with by members of our company. The necessary minimum of account protection is undertaken, with the requirement of password protection of any new user account made on our website.

The email services we use for communication with our customers utilize spam and anti-virus protection and the services the website is hosted include extra layers of protection and safety protocols to ensure the proper storage of customer information.

Please note, we are not responsible if your account is accessed by an unauthorized individual using your password. You are responsible to use a complex enough password, which should be shared with nobody and your email used to restore access to the account should be protected enough.

Data handling automation

If a user account is inactive for a period of 5 years, after the last instance of user activity, our system will automatically delete it, excluding user accounts involved in pending cases and other unresolved issued.

Information collected using Google Analytics may automatically be included in various forms of marketing and site usage analysis, as well as when creating sales predictions, marketing strategies, advertisement campaigns, user experience analysis and others.

Data regulator

You can turn to our data regulator in all instances where you consider there is an unresolved complaint with us or we have in some way mishandled your personal information and not subsequently resolved the issue in a satisfactory to you manner: