Return Policy


The Return Policy page is an appendage to our general Terms & Conditions. When you accept our Terms & conditions you are also accepting the outlined terms and conditions of the Return Policy page.

General Return Information

All customers are entitled to requesting to return an item they have bought from us. The terms of returning an item are regulated by the Terms & conditions and their appended Return Policy pages of this website.

A customer wishing to return an item much first notify our team within 8 days after receiving their purchase item.

We accept item returns on the following grounds:

  • The customer received an item which was malfunctioning, broken, deformed or otherwise defective or with any other form of damage, preventing it’s normal and/or intended usage with specifications which noticeably are differing from the intended manufacturing parameters
  • The customer received the wrong items or incomplete item, with required parts missing
  • The item was damaged during the shipping process

Return of Wrong or Damaged Items

Reporting the problem

Please contact us as soon as you find out about a problem with your purchase items. It is our responsibility as a seller to provide customers new, unused items, with not technical problems or notable defect and to deliver the exact product ordered by the customer. If you notice any problem with your delivered order – please contact us immediately at Be sure to get in touch with us within 8 days after you have received your items. We do not hold responsibility about problems and defects found in items beyond that period, with the exceptions noted in the warranty of items covered by one.

Ensure that upon contacting us you have gathered and provided all the relevant information about your purchase and the problem you have found with your purchase item. We retain the right to ask for additional information, documents and proof of the existing problem. The solution of the problem in a satisfactory manner is highly dependent on your full cooperation with our team.

Accepted returns

We will accept the return of items which have been damaged or negatively affected by adverse events. Definition of such evens as per the Terms & Conditions and this appended to them Return Policy pages, includes:

  • Items that present deterioration, serios deterioration of qualities or show malfunction that greatly reduce their capacity or completely prevent them from their intended usage. Our definition of such problems is extended to mislabeling or instruction/manual errors which led to misusage; further defect and change of properties that can present a risk for the health of the buyer or any other person are also included in the definition.
  • Should there be a mass recall by the manufacturer or the primary distributor of the purchased item, with a special emphasis on cases which are directly related to health and safety concerns.

Additionally, we will accept the returns if items, in the event that the received by the customer item is not the one which they have ordered or if there was an error in the description of the item, including text and images, which was serious enough to mislead the buyer into mistakenly purchasing the item.

Returning the item

All returned items must be shipped within 8 days after you have contacted us and notified our team of any potential problem. When we receive the returned item, it will be subjected to a thorough review and testing to determine the actual cause of the problem.

Customers returning an item have the option to either receive a refund or request a replacement item be sent to them. Items damaged by customer negligence, malcontent or misusage will not be refunded. Please refer to the refer to the main Terms & Conditions page, section “Refund Policy” for additional information.