Shipping & Delivery


The Shipping & Delivery page is an appendage to our general Terms & Conditions. When you accept our Terms & Conditions you are also accepting the outlined terms and conditions of the Shipping & Delivery page.

Shipping Methods

The shipping methods depend on the items purchase by the customer, as well as their preferences. The standard shipping methods we offer include Standard Mail, Priority Mail, Standard courier and Express courier delivery. However, for certain bigger, heavier and/or more fragile items, some shipping options might not be available or an alternative shipping method might be required. We retain the right to limit or change the shipping methods available on a per item basis and after the order has been made.

Shipping Time, Delivery and Delays

The time-frame for sending out items depends on their immediate availability. Items which are physically in stock at our warehouse will be prepared and sent within 2 to 4 workdays after the payment has been received. Items that need to be backordered will be subject to further delays (refer to the “Stock and Item Availability” section of the Terms & Conditions for more information on backordering). We will inform the customer about the estimated time frame of delivery on a per-order basis.

Delivery using the postal service is normally from 4 to 7 seven workdays to countries within the EU. Worldwide postal delivery, for non-EU countries is in the 10 to 50 workdays range, normally, but delivery to certain locations can be up to 20 or even more workdays. Consider the provided time frames as only an estimate, which in no way includes any possible and unforeseen delays.

Delivery via courier is 2 or 3 workdays for EU countries and 3 or 4 workdays for non-European Union states. Global courier delivery is usually from 3 to 7 workdays. These numbers are also an estimate, which does not include possible delays.

Special shipping methods, necessary for the transportation and delivery of certain items will require per-order delivery estimate calculations. Such estimates can will be made after the order is made or beforehand, upon request by the customer.

Whenever possible, shipping rates and time-frame will be shown and calculated on our website. This does not exclude extra heavy, delicate, large or otherwise difficult to transport items.

Any extra expenses incurred as a result of the customer providing incomplete or inaccurate information will be covered by the customer.