IPL Ultra Plus Vertical Square Pulse IPL System




IPL Ultra Plus is the next step of IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation systems. This intense pulse light machine takes full benefit from square pulse technology, which is a guarantee for optimal, lasting and visible results.

IPL technology is very different from other methods for skin rejuvenation and treatment, like HIFU or RF, used in systems like the Dermstix Ultra.

How it works:

The main advantage of Square Pulse technology is how uniform the energy distribution. Energy levels can almost immediately reach their power peak, which can be maintained for the entire duration of the pulse, without unwanted fluctuations. The IPL Ultra plus can operate using a single or multi-pulse mode.

The IPL Ultra series is a step up from the normal IPL depilation systems. IPL Ultra plus is a much more comfortable and painless method, as compared to traditional solutions, without sacrificing any energy or treatment efficiency. By dealing with energy fluctuations, the risk of side effects is significantly decreased.

Additional information

IPL Ultra Plus

IPL Ultra Plus

Continuous work time

12 hour

Spot size

15mm x 50mm (HR/SHR), 10mm x 50mm (MF)

Repetition rate

Up to 10Hz


TEC contact cooling


600~1200nm (HR/SHR), 500~1200nm (MF)


Up to 24J/cm2

Pulse width

1-25ms, Max 4 pulses

Working mode

Classical mode, Custom mode, SHR


466mm x 455mm x 1024mm