Smart Mirror Skin Analysis System


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The Smart Mirror is a revolutionary new skin analysis system, which allows for a fast, accurate and reliable analysis of various skin problems and conditions. The machine has 10 separate scanning modes and is very easy to operate with, such convenience options like cloud sharing, storage and analysis of patients scans. The interface is easy to operate and easy to read on the large 10 inch LED screen.

The Smart Mirror is the ideal precursor to treating the patient's skin with something like an IPL Ultra system, to rejuvenate the skin.


  • 10 scanning modes for finding analyzing skin problems in the dermis and epidermis
  • 3 spectrum imaging for HD shooting - RGB, UV, PL
  • 15 megapixel lens
  • x24 HD shadowless lights
  • 1-click shooting, 10 seconds capture time
  • 20 second analysis using the intelligent software
  • 180 degree multi-directional 10" LED display
  • Save and manage customer profiles
  • Intelligent face analysis area identification
  • Automatic recommendations for skin treatment depending on the problem
  • Extensive data report
  • WiFi support
  • Easy operation
  • Foldable shield

Additional information

Scanning modes

RGB Pore, RGB Spot, RGB Wrinkle, PL Texture, UV Porthyrin, UV Pigmentation, UV Moisture, Sensitive Area, Brown Area, UV Damage


10 megapixel