HL Pro XL Vertical 810nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System




HL Pro XL is the most advanced version of the HL systems with fiber coupled diode lasers with 810nm wavelength. This cutting edge hair removal machine is easier to operate with more versatile options for the operator and safe and more pleasant treatment for the patients. Based on a design, that places the laser inside the mainframe and transfers the light to the hand piece via a fiber, it’s appropriate for professionals that have to do multiple sessions back to back for a longer period of time. It offers a more uniform and energy efficient design, combined with an innovative Sapphire Touch cooling technology. There are several variations of this machine, with the normal size being the HL Plus vertical system.

How it works:

At the center of this effective vertical laser of depilation is a Fiber Coupled Diode technology. The HL Pro XL is a 810nm laser for hair removal that takes full advantage of FCD – the light from the diodes of the laser in the mainframe is coupled inside the single-core multimode fiber, which takes the light to the hand piece, by an array of micro-lenses. This is a much more efficient design, as opposed to traditional lasers, which place the laser inside the hand piece.

Further, the machine utilizes the innovative Jet Smooth technology for better and more lasting hair removal, while combining it with Sapphire Touch cooling for a safer and more pleasant treatment.

The laser itself has a 810nm wavelength which is essentially the gold standard of laser hair removal. It is almost completely absorbed by the follicle and very effectively prevents water and oxygenated absorption.

Additional information

Laser type

Fiber Coupled Diode laser



Laser power


Pulse width


Energy density




Skin type


Treatment mode

Fast mode, Navigation mode, Free settings mode

Spot size

12mm x 12mm


Sapphire touch cooling

Cooling temperature



470mm x 540mm x 1220mm

Net weight