HL Pro Portable 810nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser




The main reason the HL Pro, a portable variation of the HL Plus vertical laser, is extremely efficient for hair removal is that it relies on a powerful 810nm fiber coupled diode laser. As opposed to traditional design, the laser is placed in the mainframe, delivering the light over a fiber, making the hand piece noticeably lighter. At the same tme enerdy efficiency and distribution are greatly improved. The system includes the innovative Sapphire Touch cooling system, which ensures the whole experience is more pleasant for the patient, while protecting them from skin burn.

How it works:

FCD (Fiber Couple Technology) is based on the principle of micro-array of lenses, which are used to couple the light from several diodes of the laser (located in the mainframe), into a single-core multi-mode fiber. The fiber then transmits the light to the treatment spot via the hand piece.

A design like that allows for a very uniform energy distribution. The laser with a 810nm wavelength, which is considered to be the gold standard of hair removal. To improve the safety and to make the experience more pleasant for patients, the HL Pro vertical laser system utilizes an innovative and effective cooling system – Sapphire Touch.

Additional information

Laser type

Fiber Coupled Diode Laser



Laser power


Pulse width


Energy density

Max. 100J/cm2



Skin type


Treatment mode

Fast mode, Free setting mode

Spot size

12mm x 12mm


Sapphire touch cooling

Cooling temperature



500mm x 380mm x 350mm

Net weight