SuperLaser Pro Non-ablative Erbium Fractional 1550nm laser




SuperLaser Pro is a hi-tech solution for treating the patients’ skin with a vast array of applications, including skin resurfacing, reduction of scars and striae distensae treatment. Unlike analogical machines like the CO2 Laser Pro, this system uses a 1550nm non-ablative, erbium, fractional laser, which can operate in a static stamp mode or dynamic rolling mode. This advanced piece of technology allows for a non-invasive and accurate treatment. Skin resurfacing and scar treatment are completely safe and result in a minimal downtime for the patient. One of the main points to the SuperLaser Pro is its intelligent optical tracking system, as well as the randomized scanning technology.

How it works:

During the fractional scan, an array of laser bream is emitted and each forms an MTZ (Microscopic Thermal Zone). A single beam can consists of one or multiple high-energy laser pulses. They can effectively penetrate the skin to the dermis where they heat the C-H-O compounds, the rich in moisture collagen tissues. The result is enhanced and stimulated production and regeneration of collagen. Powerful tissue repairing processes are initiated into the skin with results ranging from reduction of scar tissues to overall skin rejuvenation.

Additional information

Laser type

Erbium glass fiber laser

Working mode

Fractional scan



Output power


Pulse energy

5mj~100mj (adjustable)

Spot diameter

0.1mm (minimum)


10~400 spots/cm2 (adjustable)

Hand piece transmission area

15mm x 15mm, 8mm x 8mm, 4mm x 13mm

Operation mode

Static stamp, Dynamic rolling

User interface

Touch screen liquid crystal display

Aiming beam


Guidelines light wave rate



30cm x 64cm x 161cm

Net weight